As a fresh graduate from a university in London, Nilesh Makwana started working with an airline at Heathrow Airport and thus he started to travel the world. Regardless of the corners of the world he visited, he discovered that people had more knowledge of Gandhi than himself. Curious as of why that was, he dug into libraries and bookstores and slowly he got to know why so many still embraces Gandhi’s values and philosophies. With a newfound source of inspiration, Nilesh continued his journey through life, and in difficult moments he always found motivation and solace in Gandhi’s accomplishments.

It was after meeting Lene that Borderless Gandhi was created. Already during their early days as a couple, they worked together on community projects, and during their visit to India for their engagement, an idea sparked to create events and grounds for collaboration to create awareness about Mahatma Gandhi’s work, life and legacy.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great believer in inter-faith harmony and peaceful co-living. Keeping this, and many more values in mind, the title Borderless Gandhi was chosen for the project. Nilesh and Lene did not want to portray Mahatma Gandhi as a teacher about or for specific groups, religions or nations, but rather emphasis his global and inclusive nature.

A great part of Mahatma Gandhi’s work towards Indian independence included a nonviolent approach to civil disobedience, but he also encouraged ways that all could participate in without getting in trouble with the law. He said that spinning thread in a traditional manner would create the basis for economic independence in addition to creating possibilities for survival in impoverished areas by being self-sustainable in ways of clothing.

Gandhi himself would spin for one hour every day, and encouraged everybody to do so. The logo of Borderless Gandhi was designed to represent this factor in Gandhi’s life, and the lines in the logo also symbolises that his legacy is without borders.

Nilesh Makwana

Project Founder & President

Armit Sardal

Committee Member

Lene Makwana

Co-Founder & Designer

Adrian Twarog

Website & IT Manager

Wayne Spencer

Director & Treasurer

Krithika Ramnarayan

Social Media Strategist